Meet Our Team

Ina Masten

Founder & Owner

Ina has over 35 years of professional experience in all areas of accounting from bookkeeping, to financial analysis and forensic accounting.

She has a Bachelors in Accounting and a Masters in Computer Information Science.  She is a Certified Quickbooks Pro Accountant and is an active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners both at the national and local levels.

She is dedicated to helping clients of all sizes make intelligent financial decisions to grow their business while keeping a keen eye on the bottom line. Her patience and determination ensure that every client is treated with respect and integrity.

She also has a deep commitment to supporting nonprofit organizations and is on several boards as Treasurer which includes doing their bookkeeping and the annual 990.  Masten Solutions is dedicated to giving back 10% of the companies gross revenue each quarter and encourages her clients to participate in that effort by suggesting worthy nonprofits for consideration through out the year.

Audrey Bailey

Director of Business Development

Audrey earned her Bachelor's in Marketing in 2013 and has worked in many business environments since. From a rigorous corporate setting to the hands-on Manager for a non-profit, her experience forged her approach as a collaborator and dedication to empowering others in their business success.

Her dedication to teamwork is founded on her experience of working with others, whether in large groups with highly structured roles or an ever-changing environment to get the job done. Throughout her career Audrey trained people above and below her pay grade in her areas of expertise to strengthen the understanding and skill level of each team she worked with.

She looks forward to applying that same experience and collaborative effort to your business.