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Solid Financials are the belt and suspenders of your business, but Masten Solutions goes beyond insightful accounting to help you succeed!

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“Ina is very organized. She has helped me implement strategies to organize bookkeeping and recordkeeping for our business. We have weekly meetings where we discuss our needs and come up with solutions and she has been a tremendous help with the restructuring and growth of our business post COVID lockdown “- Holly, exhibiTeam 

“Ina Masten has had a valuable role in accounting for our family business.

She has a comprehensive background and knowledge of business, finance, technology and accounting. She is gifted in understanding business needs, organizing and analyzing data, and clearly communicating with clients.

Ina Masten's integrity, work ethic and tenacity are outstanding. I confidently recommend her professional services."

Alison Boyer-Henniger

Boyer Trust

 "Ina Masten has expertly and compassionately guided Coffee 4 Kids Honduras through all aspects of our finances. She is extremely knowledgeable and she is a wonderful teacher. We greatly appreciate her expertise and her help."

Shawn Plowman


Coffee 4 Kids Honduras

 "Ina is thorough and patient with her clients and seeks to help make accounting practical for our business."
Eric Schreffler
US Coordinator
Hands of Hope Honduras